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UTM+Java vs Cookies

Question asked by Christian Bogue on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Christian Bogue

Hi guys, wanted to ask the group about how they best set up their attribution. We've used UTM parameters but then lose the data if a lead/contact navigates away from the landing page. I've read that you can add some Java to your landing pages that "converts" or "copies" those parameters into the cookie for tracking even if they don't convert on that visit. Did I even describe that accurately? Does anyone do this? Is there a way to keep it all in the cookie?


As you all know we're pretty 1.0 right now and trying to figure out if these two options are used in combination with each other or are sort of a mutually exclusive one-or-the-other type model. What do we need to think about when choosing? Or does each method have a different application (UTM for Landing Pages, Cookies for native pages?)?


Appreciate any help or insight we can get!


Christian (and Leasha, too!)