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Form Prefill Question

Question asked by Karyn Hill on Feb 15, 2019
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Is there a way to prevent a "wrong" email address from appearing in a form prefill field? We have a form that is set to prefill that when people go to the page but for some people, it's pulling an email address that's not theirs. I believe in all cases that it's an email address the user has used in the past for one reason or another (searching for a user with that email address, for instance) but I'm not 100% positive.


Here is the Marketo landing page with the form.


It has some hidden fields, which depend on the user's access. You should see four options. A full member will see eight options.


My understanding is that Marketo is using some form of logic to pull what it believes to be the appropriate cookie but I don't know enough about forms to know if I can help it be more accurate.