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How can manage 'Mrs.' or 'Madame' values in my script?

Question asked by Katia Piton on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi Everyone...


I have the current script below but Id' like to add 'Madame' and 'Monsieur' as values instead of just 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' :


#set ($greetCheck = ${lead.Salutation})

#if ($greetCheck.contains('Mr.'))

Cher ${lead.FirstName},

#elseif ($greetCheck.contains('Mrs.'))

Chère ${lead.FirstName},





So to summarise, I want to use Cher + first name to people whose title is either Mr. or Monsieur in the database.


Many thanks !