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    Marketo Contact Tiers

    Kim Pendergrass

      Hi Savvy Marketo Marketers,


      I'm new to Marketo so this might be a dumb question. We need to increase our Marketo contact limit to approx 150k to account for 2019 database growth. Our Marketo rep is saying that "Marketo's pricing bands" are at every 100k, meaning we would have to go up to 200k. This sounds like a steep increase. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this correct? Any idea what overage fees are for going over contact limits? Our rep was vague and wouldn't tell us....


      It's holding up some of our implementation so we have to get it figured out asap.


      Thanks for your help/advice.





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          Karan Hari

          Hi Kim Pendergrass,


          I have seen a similar experience with one of my clients. In this case your customer success manager is the best person to provide you with the pricing details to increase your contact limit in Marketo. But yes, to answer your questions,

          - Yes This is correct. Marketo's present contact limit is set at 100k.

          - I am not sure about the exact pricing, but once you exceed the 100k limit, you would start getting notifications from Marketo informing you that the contact limit is about to be exceeded or has been exceeded. For exact pricing, your customer success manager is the best person to reach out to.


          In cases where he data base is exceeding slightly by 100k, database cleaning activities can be done like - Running exclusive last chance campaigns and touching base with leads that have not interacted or engaged in past couple of years (Or set time frame). And delete the leads off who are still not responding to these campaigns. That's the approach one of my clients had taken, but again, that approach and effort is successful if the data base marginally exceeding by 100k. But in cases like these where the requirement itself is 150k contact limit, it would be best to contact your Customer success manager for pricing.


          Hope that helps!


          Best Always,

          Karan Hari

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