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Maximum Editable Elements on Guided LPs

Question asked by Conner C on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Mark Price

I have put together a Guided LP Template that displays multiple "Bucket" style asset displays near the bottom of the page, similar to a "Recommended Resources" section or search results.

Each of these bucket displays includes 8 Editable Elements (mktoImg and mktoText), as well as 6 Variables (mktoBoolean and mktoString).


Currently, the page works as expected with 20 of these assets (in addition to other editable elements and variables on the page).

When I first create the LP as a Local asset and open the LP Editor for the first time, the editor page takes a significant time to load, but does successfully and allow me to use the editor.


As I tried to increase the total number of these bucket style assets to 50, the Landing Page Editor page fails to load, and completely locks up the tab in Chrome, leaving me to have to kill the Chrome process to exit the editor page.

I have tried removing all JS from the page to ensure there was no memory leakage from my scripting, and ended up with the same result of Chrome lockup.


Is there a known maximum for editable elements/variables within a Landing Page Template that the pre-processor can handle?


Thanks in advance!