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How to show relevant experience to a lead - based on lead behaviour

Question asked by Karan Hari Champion on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by Karan Hari

Hi There,


Here is a used case:

I send out a Marketing email. A lead opens or clicks my email. The next time "that lead" who opened or clicked my email, goes to my website the next day, Say for example - "" . When the lead visits my website, I want to show a relevant experience (in the form of a "pop up" - Which is related to the email which that specific lead opened.

Point to be noted here is. Say there are 3 emails

Email A

Email B

Email C

each email would have a different relevant experience (a different Pop up) to be displayed to the specific lead, based on which email was opened.


My question or thoughts are:

a) If I use Web Personalization (a dialogue campaign or maybe a widget campaign), Given the fact that my website is on site-core, and I deploy the Marketo RTP tag on my site-core website, Is there a way, my Web Personalization campaigns can detect Email opens/Email clicks - based on which, the next time when the lead (who opened my email) visits my website/landing page, the Web Personalization campaign shows the relevant experience that was meant for that particular email that was opened or clicked?

I do understand that in order to run a Web Personalization campaign, first a web segment has to be defined. I have narrowed it down to - Whats depicted in the below snapshot. Still cant seem to narrow it down to "Open/Clicks" for a specific email.


b) Is there any other alternative in Marketo apart from using Web Personalization - to achieve this used case?


Best Always,

Karan Hari