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    Champion/Challenger testing use in Smart Campaign

      I feel like this is an easy answer but I can't seem to find a specific answer for it to be sure!

      I want to use theh Champion/Challenger function to test if people respond to a shorthand that we use regularly (but not sure if our audience does).  The email we are testing with is part of a webinar program.  3 questiosn I have:

      1.  What happens to the subject line that's already in the email asset?  Does it get ignored?
      2.  Is there a way to test view that the subject line will pull up correctly?
      3.  Am I able to use the champion/challenger testing functionality in a Smart Campaign that sends the email?

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          Justin Cooperman
          1. If it is a subject line test, then it will pull the existing subject into the test to be the "champion" you are validating. You would then specify another subject to use as the "challenger." If it's a whole email test, then it will simply test the "challenger" email you select against the "challenger" email, which is the email you created the test from.

          2. You are entering the subject yourself, so you will know what it is. If you are asking because you want to use a token then the answer is no, you would need to know what the token name is and what the value would be ahead of time. You could just send a sample test to yourself if it is necessary for you to test it for some reason.

          3. Yes, once you setup the champion/challenger test it will ensure that anytime that specific email is sent out, the test rules are followed. In other words, it will keep sending some % the champion and some other % the challenger until you declare a winner.
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            I guess my 2nd question was more out of paranoia that the "challenger" subject line wouldn't pull up correctly since I can't see it in a Preview mode.  But that's OK, I'll live with that.

            Thanks for your quick response, I appreciate it.  It helps ease my mind!
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              Justin Cooperman
              If you right-click on your test and choose "Send Sample Test" you can enter your own email address and it will send you both the champion and challenger!