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Looking for people with Marketo experience - not necessarily advanced skills

Question asked by Natalia Brady on Feb 14, 2019

Hi all,


If any of you are looking for a new role, or know of anyone, please feel free to reach out.

We're a global publisher, and we're looking for people with marketo knowledge and strong people skills.

If you know the basics, but are more than happy to learn and advance your knowledge, then this may be a great opportunity. If you're an advanced pro and want to utilise your skills, that's great too!


Please send your CV to if interested


Our offices are a short walk from Euston, Great Portland Street or Warren Street. We have very generous benefits and a strong work life balance, if you need to work from home for any reason, you won't be questioned. I've worked in places where you'd be met with a dirty look for asking that but not here!