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Nurture Streams - what are the rules for clicks?

Question asked by Trisha Sparks on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by Milly Tsui

Hi there,

I am a newer user to Marketo and working on a Nurture campaign. I am researching in the product documentation but I cannot seem to locate what I need.


The campaign manager is supplying an asset with multiple links. If a customer clicks a link they will move to an appropriate stream based on that click. However, what is the rule regarding multiple clicks? I see a notation (below) that seems to indicate the first click override but I would like to verify.

As in if a customer clicks link A which sends him to stream A, then what happens if they also, in the same email, click link B which should move them to stream B? Do they stay in the stream of the first click?

Do I have a way to apply a different set of rules to this?


Does this notation (red arrow) indicate only the first click counts?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

T Sparks