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Merge a lead from Marketo with a Contact in

Question asked by Vinod Mahadeva on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Mark Price

For one  of our project, as soon customer enters login page and hit on submit button a contact is created in SFDC. We run API call on the backend as we have used the Munchkin ID on same page to trigger API call to create same record in marketo once customer hits on submit button parallel to SFDC contact creation. We know there is delay in sync from SFDC to Marketo and to avoid the delay we run parallel API call to get the same lead created in Marketo.


Now comes the challenge, since munchkin ID is been placed pre and post activity will tracking in Marketo under newly created lead here, where as the same record will have some activity on SFDC contact type. Is there any to merge these 2, i.e. Lead from Marketo with Contact in SFDC so to get the collective activity detials.