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Scheduled maintenance/outage for Ashburn datacenter on Saturday, February 9, 2019 1pm to 9pm ET

Question asked by Liliana Cheng on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hey community,


We received Marketo's email alert about scheduled mandatory maintenance for the Ashburn datacenter which will disrupt all Marketo services. The maintenance itself is only expected to take one hour, but they cautioned there could be service disruptions within that eight hour window. Their maintenance window (1pm to 9pm Eastern) includes some of our high traffic time frames, and I'm sure it include some of your high traffic time frames as well.


We emailed our CSM to see if they would reschedule the maintenance window to the overnight hours, which is how most tech companies handle maintenance that causes outages, but we were denied without explanation from Marketo. We also asked for suggestions for alternatives while Marketo's services are unavailable and they said "Please plan accordingly depending on your business needs. If you have any high value campaigns scheduled, they should be rescheduled" which is laughable because we still have goals to meet and projects that have taken weeks of work across different teams at our company.


I understand the maintenance needs to happen, but I don't understand why it's scheduled for a day time outage. If it's such an emergency, wouldn't they handle it sooner than nine days (email alert was sent yesterday)? And if it's not an emergency, why couldn't they handle it during the evening instead of during the day? Those are questions for Marketo.


My question for the community is: what is your plan for Marketo service outages?


We have lead forms all over our site, we use Marketo for automated emails, scoring, sales routing, etc. What should we do when none of this is available? I'm more concerned about lead capture since we expect that Marketo forms will not be available across our site.