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Default segment and email sending

Question asked by Oleg Leus on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Oleg Leus

Hi everybody,

I read already topics with similar questions but I want to be sure for 100% because we have thousands accounts in DB and it will be real bad situation if the content for the default segment will be received by them. I need to exclude sending for default segment.


My steps:

Step 1. I made the test list with 2 users inside for now.

Step 2. After that I made 2 segments that I need and of course with default segment where stored thousands people.

Step 3. I've created a program and in the Smart list of the program I specified the audience from my previously created list. Also was implemented dynamic content in the email based on my segments. For default segment I also put the content because there is no chance to not do it.


Will it send an email for the default segment or not? In audience I can see only 2 persons as I need. Did I make everything correct to exclude the default segment from  sending?