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Salesforce DMP audience segments in Marketo

Question asked by Kevin Schultz on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Kevin Schultz

Hi there -


Is anyone using Salesforce DMP as part of their ecosystem and successfully leveraging the audience segments created / identified there in Marketo to better tailor email communications? Salesforce says this proprietary integration is possible only if you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but we don't and so in this case the fact we're a Marketo client is making Salesforce DMP slightly less attractive. I'm wondering if there are workarounds - we do use SFDC so I'm curious about if perhaps we could pass data back into there and then sync that into Marketo, or something like that.


Any insight would be appreciated on this topic or the broader experience of straddling the line between being a Marketo user that is only partially bought into Salesforce.