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Fake clicks from SPAM filters - is there an end in sight?

Question asked by Christina Zuniga Expert on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by John Horton

It looks like other systems are solving the issue of fake clicks, specifically ones that come occur because SPAM filters click every link to make sure none are malicious.




There is already an idea asking for this functionality:

There are a few discussions that can help you identify if a click is real or fake: Bot or Not? – Are you suffering from ‘bot clicks’? Fake clicks followed by fake web visits Spam filters registering clicks?


This discussion is to generate ideas for how we (or engineers!!) can identify fake clicks to remove them from reporting. Things like...if you get an open or a click (or multiple clicks) before the email is implies something!


Amy Goldfine recommended all links clicked in the same minute be excluded - no human does that. Or excluding certain links like the header. (Christina here - why do we link the header if no one clicks it?!)

Brooke Bartos pointed out that clicking every social link never happens IRL. Too true.


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