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Connecting Lead data to Account data with an existing lookup from Lead to Account

Question asked by Delwin Ng on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by Delwin Ng

Hi folks,

Our Salesforce team has built something really cool that connects Lead records to Account records. That way we can do things like figure out if a Lead is from a Customer account or a Target account. I can't seem to get Marketo to see that same data though. Let me explain what they've built.


On Leads there is a lookup to an Account. This is automatically populated by looking at the domain name of the email address and seeing if there is an account with contacts that have email addresses with the same domain name. If there are no matching accounts it just stays empty. So on the Salesforce side they can already see that this lead is probably a part of this existing account and convert it or do whatever they want on the sales side. On the marketing side though I want to make sure that the lead is put into the right kind of marketing (prospect vs. customer) but I don't have access to the data on the account, even if the lookup is populated. I know that if the lookup were to a custom salesforce object I'd be able to pull it in but because it is an Account I can't see a way of doing that. Any thoughts out there?