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"Status Date" In Program's "Members" Tab? (Report/View With: "Acquired", "Status", "Success", "Member Date", "Status Date".)

Question asked by Osman Erzinclioglu on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Osman Erzinclioglu

Hello, all! Question for the community...


Is there some way to create a view of leads/contacts equivalent to what's visible in the "Members" tab of a program -- with the "Acquired", "Status", "Success" and "Member Date" columns -- that also includes the date that the current status was reached by the program member? We want to be able to provide a report which includes the date the current status was reached, so that it's easy to see the delta as time goes on.


I can create a smart list to see those members, but it doesn't include the "Acquired", "Status", "Success" and "Member Date" columns for the members of the program.