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    "Status Date" In Program's "Members" Tab? (Report/View With: "Acquired", "Status", "Success", "Member Date", "Status Date".)

    Osman Erzinclioglu

      Hello, all! Question for the community...


      Is there some way to create a view of leads/contacts equivalent to what's visible in the "Members" tab of a program -- with the "Acquired", "Status", "Success" and "Member Date" columns -- that also includes the date that the current status was reached by the program member? We want to be able to provide a report which includes the date the current status was reached, so that it's easy to see the delta as time goes on.


      I can create a smart list to see those members, but it doesn't include the "Acquired", "Status", "Success" and "Member Date" columns for the members of the program.