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    How do you use LeanData and Marketo together for lead routing and alerts?

    Geoff Arens

      We've been using LeanData for a while now and it's been awesome for managing our lead routing logic as well as matching leads to accounts. However, there is one big issue with movie our routing out of Marketo and into another system like LeanData.


      It is difficult to quickly route leads and send alerts to the new owners. For instance, when a lead fills out a form, it gets added to a SFDC campaign and synced to SFDC. From there, LeanData picks the lead up and processes it to assign the right owner. However, SFDC can't give Marketo the signal that this lead now has an owner and is ready to receive an email alert. Instead, Marketo has to wait and pick up on the owner change when it polls SFDC next for updates.


      With the introduction of SDR Follow Up SLAs, there is going to be a lot of focus on increasing our overall speed-to-lead (the time from lead created, routed, scored, qualified, and alert to SDR follow up) down to the minute. This delay makes improving this a real challenge.


      To deal with this, we currently have a fairly gross solution in place where new alert-worthy leads are flagged in Marketo before they are synced to SFDC. As a result, we can send alerts immediately from LeanData once the owner has been assigned. However, that workflow only works for new unassigned leads. There must also be a workflow for all existing alert-worthy leads. This alerting logic lives in Marketo as a smart campaign and filters out leads created in the last hour, with the assumption that these would have fallen into the first workflow. As I mentioned, it's not an ideal solution and alerts often fall through the cracks.


      Are there other teams that use LeanData and Marketo in their tech stack and have overcome this issue? In theory, it seems so simple: send an email alert after an owner has been assigned...


      Thanks in advance!



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          Josh Hill

          have you discussed this with LeanData?


          Have you considered adding the logic to LeanData or SFDC instead?

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            Vineela Maram

            Hi Geoff,


            We are currently evaluating Lean Data solution to address our current Lead routing challenges(routing it to right owners in case it was previously assigned to inactive owners or wrong owners).


            Why cant SFDC create a workflow rule when a owner changes from system to user or from one user to another user or when a new lead enters the system. This way when Lean Data assigns a lead to a rep, SFDC should automatically trigger an alert.

            You  could ask Lean Data to send a notification for existing lead/contact by creating a task to the correct brand/product rep along with new assignment to the owner and i am sure they can do it.


            For existing leads/contacts, you could ask them to create a task to the correct brand/product rep and also notify sales managers etc if any. Lean Data can also check for the recency of the tasks present for that Lead for the same brand/product and send a notification to the right owner.


            You should definitely talk to your account rep at Lean Data and add additional steps to your flow.




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              Andrew Sielen

              Either you need to send the alerts from Salesforce or you need to tell Marketo that the lead is done routing and then send the alert.


              LeanData lead routing does allow you to update a field as part of the routing flow. You could create a checkbox field on the lead/contact that is called something like "Routed" and check that at the end of the LeanData routing flow. That should trigger an update back to Marketo and then you can trigger off of that (+ the original form fill.)

              Routing - Lead Routing Guide – LeanData (Update Lead)


              What I think I would do if you want to send the alert from Marketo:

              1. On form fill, determine if it merits an alert and if so add them to a static list.
              2. Sync to salesforce
              3. LeanData routes and updates Routed = True which syncs back to Marketo
              4. Marketo triggers on the "Routed" field AND the static list membership.
              5. If Routed=True AND member of static list: Send the alert, set Routed=False and remove from the static List
              6. To make sure nothing is lost in the syncing, I would probably also trigger a wait step to send the alert anyway if someone is still a member of the static list within 10 mins or so. (but make sure they are still a member of the list and the alert hasn't been sent)


              You can also just send the notification as part of the LeanData routing flow (if you have access to editing salesforce templates)

              Routing - Lead Routing Guide – LeanData (Send Notification)