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Intentionally Creating Duplicate Records

Question asked by Jessica Biblis on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Elliott Lowe

We are working on spinning up a new Marketo and Salesforce instance. Folks on the sales side have created a requirement that would lead to us intentionally creating duplicate records in Marketo so that every person who takes an action that requires attention from an SDR (i.e. signs up for a free trial, submits contact us form, etc.) is a net new lead who ends up in the Salesforce lead queue.


Obviously, this creates a whole host of problems in Marketo. I keep hearing from the sales side, "we can't be the first organization to use Salesforce as it's intended. Others have figured out how to do this; so must we."


I'd love to hear how others handle this situation -- how do you keep duplicate records to a minimum, while still enabling the sales team to work from the lead queue?