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Implementing CAPTCHA

Question asked by Ceci Enright on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by Katherine Zhu

Hi All,


We've had a recent influx of bots into our system over the past month. For awhile simply replacing the form that the bots were filling out was working as a solution, however, this past week that stopped working as a solution. It's become apparent that we need to put something more powerful and sustainable in place. We've decided to try Google ReCAPTCHA, but we're running into issues with the actual implementation. We need it to work on forms that are being used on guided templates as well as forms that are embedded within WordPress. Has anyone had success with this? I'm definitely not a developer, and unfortunately, we don't have many developer resources available to us within the company. I'm using the following resources as my main guidelines:

I've also dug into MKTO documentation and other community threads.


Happy to provide more information on where we are stuck, what we've done so far, etc.