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    Marketo vs Adobe Campaign

    Natascia Almeida

      Hi all,


      my understanding from the Adobe acquisition of Marketo is that from now on Adobe Campaign should be positioned as a platform for B2C marketing while Marketo should be used by B2B clients.


      Is that correct or there is more into it?



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          Jesse Andrew

          That's how it's been historically. Marketo has had a strong focus on B2B whereas Adobe has focused on B2C. I don't see why the acquisition would change that - I think that was Adobe's strategy from the get-go, to have more penetration in the B2B marketing world.

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            Rachit Puri

            Adobe Campaign is not just for B2C. It is equally popular for transactional messages. I have seen companies like McDonalds use it for running their order update emails in some part of the world.

            At the same time, I have seen many B2C companies using Marketo. The decision to choose one over the other depends on the business case, the volume of the emails, and complexity.

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              Harish Gupta

              I agree with Rachit, Marketo can also be used for B2C but it depends upon business decision.


              Also, Adobe campaign has a separate tool to handle Transactional message. It is called "RT- Message Center". It requires a separate license. Message center will work like the trigger, it will listen to the event and send the message. If you need to use the Message center for your business then you have to integrate it first with Adobe campaign.