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    GDPR - Island Territories of EU Countries

    Parfitt David

      Our GDPR process manages the people who are residents of the countries of the EU but my concern is we are not covering the territories/islands/lands which belong to said EU countries.


      • Should Islands/Territories/Lands of these EU countries follow the same GDPR process as the mother country?
      • Is there a definitive list of EU countries and all of the territories? I am not a geography guru and I can't seem to find this list out there. Hoping someone has it compiled!


      Thank you for your help


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          Eric Stone

          Territories are traditionally under the jurisdiction of the mother nation and thus GDPR would apply to all territories. In cases where there might be some gray area, I'd always err on the side of GDPR - I've found it best to apply the stricter rules to everyone rather than use more slack rules in some cases. Will also help when most nations inevitably adopt some form of GDPR legislation.

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            Ed King



            www.marketingopendata.org has a country list that has EU designation and also mapping of the territories to the parent countries, in addition to other useful stuff like top level domains, country dialing code and such. It's free to download and use.


            Once you get to the Google Drive folder, look for the file called "Countries"


            Ed King

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                Eric Stone

                As a heads up, we get a 404 when navigating to site with the www prefix.


                https://marketingopendata.org works though!

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                  Elliott Lowe

                  For those that want to use the full country names for the EU territories in your picklist, the following are the ISO names that Marketo uses for Inferred Country and their corresponding Alpha-2 codes.  Normalizing Country values to those Marketo uses for Inferred Country lets you use one list of Country field values for both fields.  Most of these are based on the Inferred Country field values that I've seen in Marketo, so you may want to double check (e.g. Guiana (French) vs French Guiana). Unfortunately, I haven't seen a published list of the Inferred Country field values that Marketo sets.  .


                  BLSaint Barthélemy
                  FKFalkland Islands
                  GFGuiana (French)
                  GSSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
                  IODiego Garcia
                  KYCayman Islands
                  MFSaint-Martin (French)
                  NCNew Caledonia
                  PFFrench Polynesia
                  PMSt Pierre & Miquelon
                  SHSaint Helena
                  SMSan Marino
                  SXSint Maarten
                  TCTurks & Caicos
                  TFFrench Southern Terr.
                  VAVatican City
                  VGBritish Virgin Islands
                  WFWallis and Futuna
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                  Sanford Whiteman

                  Like the other folks, I agree that including the territories et al. in your list is advisable.


                  The best format for such a list depends on how you're implementing your visibility rules/popups/dependencies/etc.


                  We use this master JavaScript object whenever doing advanced compliance stuff.  It holds separate arrays for each of the GDPR subtypes, so we can tell the source apart at a glance while still considering the list as a whole to be "GDPR":


                  var privacyLists = {
                    iso2AlphaByReg: {
                      GDPR: {
                        core: ["AT", "BE", "BG", "HR", "CY", "CZ", "DK", "EE", "FI", "FR", "DE", "GR", "HU", "IE", "IT", "LV", "LT", "LU", "MT", "NL", "PL", "PT", "RO", "SK", "SI", "ES", "SE", "GB"],
                        omr: ["GF", "GP", "MQ", "ME", "YT", "RE", "MF"],
                        special: ["GI", "AX"],
                        oct: ["PM", "GL", "BL", "SX", "AW", "CW", "WF", "PF", "NC", "TF", "AI", "BM", "IO", "VG", "KY", "FK", "MS", "PN", "SH", "GS", "TC"],
                        micro: ["AD", "LI", "MC", "SM", "VA"],
                        misc: ["JE", "GG"]


                  Of course you may not need any code at all.  If you're using Forms 2.0 Visibility Rules, for example, here's that same list in regex format (used by Visibility Rules [contains] rules):






                  Here's an example form with that exact config:


                       CodePen - MktoForms2 :: Basic GDPR-Sensitive Country

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