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    How to identify which nurture emails lead to higher MQL conversion

    Elena Parangoni

      We are trying to optimise/restructure our nurture programs at my company. I would like to perform an audit of all the nurture programs & their streams, looking at which stream and which email specifically is helping to generate most MQLs.

      Note: In our current structure, a stream within a nurture program = industry/vertical.


      Is there a way to generate a report for this in Marketo?


      Thank you!

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          Josh Hill

          You would need a lead lifecycle system setup. Do you have RCE or are tracking your funnel?


          I've said this before elsewhere here -- no SINGLE email will push someone to MQL on a consistent basis for any persona. That's why AI is touted so much if it ever happens. You could track did someone reach the Goal of the Nurture, which could be MQL and you can track the Program attribution overall for that Nurture in RCE.


          What you need to do is look through a lot of data to see the kinds of most likely paths people take and what might them to get to want to call you.

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            Rachit Puri

            Whenever a lead engages with one of your emails or content pieces, run a campaign to update a custom field 'Last Marketing Touch Point'. In your flow, you can use the trigger name token to ensure that the name of the page or the email gets recorded in the field. Then, when your lead becomes an MQL, you can copy the value from your 'Last Marketing Touch Point' to another custom field 'MQL Touchpoint'. Later, this field can help you identify which emails or assets are working better for you. Unfortunately, you can not do this for historical engagement.

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                Amit Jain

                This will be a bit Manual, but for historical engagement you can do following, given that you are syncing your Nurture programs with SFDC campaign and maintaining proper member status and also either have MQL date or enabled history tracking of Lead Sttus field in SFDC:

                1. Pull the SFDC campaign member data with the campaign member status and status updated date
                2. Pull the lead history report from SFDC with filer of lead status changed to "MQL" and date of the status change
                3. Sort the SFDC member report on Lead ID and then status update date in descending order; remove duplicates. This way you will have only one entry per lead ID with the latest email send
                4. So a match between list #2 and #3 based on Lead ID and populate the email name in the list #2. Do a pivot group by email name counting the lead ID. You should be able to see which email generate more MQL.

                If you want, you can even backfield this data in the MQL Touch point field as well. Let me know if this looks fine to you.