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    Get Marketo Activities for Given Dates

    Keerthana Shanmugam

      Hi Team,


      I need to get activities of all lead processed for given date range or month. do we have any api to get these information.



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          Josh Hill



          depending on your need, a smart list would likely help.

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            Avtar Singh

            Hi Keerthana Shanmugam,


            Marketo offers an endpoint to identify a list of activities that you can get using REST API.  You’ll need to first retrieve a paging token for the datetime that you want to begin retrieving activities from. You then pass the paging token in the nextPageToken query parameter. Following is the example



            GET /rest/v1/activities.json?activityTypeIds=1&nextPageToken=WQV2VQVPPCKHC6AQYVK7JDSA3I3LCWXH3Y6IIZ7YSGQLXHCPVE5Q====



            You can optionally include either a listId query parameter to narrow your search to only those records included in a specific static list, or a leadIds query parameter and search for activities from only a specified set of leads.  You can pass up to 30 leadIds as comma separated list.


            I hope this is helpfull for you.


            Best Regards,

            Avtar Singh

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