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    How to enable repeat responses in a campaign?

    Alice Tilles


      Quite new to Marketo so forgive me if this has a simple solution, but I couldn't find it.


      I have a Contact Us campaign, and a person who filled out the form in 2017 which generated an opportunity; the opportunity was lost. This month she filled out the same form and I'd like it to generate a new response because it generated a new opportunity. Right now it just exists as in a placeholder campaign so we can track it in the funnel, but in order to do correct attribution, it'd be great to have a Contact Us (Repeat 1) response or something like that.





      EDIT: I found the field in SF!

      Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 8.39.07 AM.png

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          Kevin Weisenberger

          Hi Alice,


          Could you share how you have the current capture and response set up? Are you wanting the same response (triggered email) to go out to the opportunity or are you wanting a marker of how many times they have submitted the form? Not tracking entirely...


          If you simply want them to flow through the campaign so they can get the triggered email again then see my screenshot below of a smart campaign. You will want to go to the schedule tab, edit, and change the qualification rules.


          Marketo Flow capture.JPG

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              Alice Tilles

              Hi Kevin! Thanks for responding!


              I checked the campaign qualification rules and it is set up like you have it:

              Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.47.52 AM.png


              Here is what the campaign history looks like currently:


              Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 8.52.56 AM.png

              "Marketing Campaign" is a placeholder for the US-WS-CU-Contact Us response made on January 8th and the goal would be for it to say "US-WS-CU-Contact Us" or some iteration with the word "Repeat 1" or something like that.


              So I don't want the triggered email to go out again to the person who filled out the form, but do want a new response generated in the campaign history so I can associate it with an opportunity (we use Full Circle Insights, if this is any help).


              N.b.: I asked this question on the FCI support website, and the first step was "1: make sure the campaign has repeat responses enabled" which I couldn't find out how to do in Marketo. Do you think maybe I should follow back up with them to elaborate on this step?