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    January MUG Follow-Up & Marketo Summit Info

    Caroline Brown

      Hi, everyone.  We had a great turnout for our first meeting of 2019. Thanks to everyone who attended. I’ve attached our slides.  Please note, Marketo didn’t create a deck for January, so I just used the December deck.


      As we mentioned during the meeting, Marketo held a Summit Q&A session for the MUG Leaders last Friday.  Here’s the info they provided:

      • There will be 35 Marketo sessions across all three days of the conference (26-28)
      • There will be over 300 Adobe sessions and lab workshops
      • When registering for Summit, use this URL and this code: S19MN. Please let Rich and I know if you register so we can document it.  If we have enough registrants, our MUG could win a prize!
      • Discounted rates for The Wynn Hotel are available through February 26th. If you reserve a room during the Summit registration process, you should automatically be given a discounted rate of $242/night (or lower).  If for some reason you don’t get that rate, or you decide to book through the hotel’s website, use this code: 19MNTFC40.  When I booked during the registration process, I was able to get a rate of $189/night without using a code.
      • The main Summit party will be Wednesday, March 27th
      • Revvie Award nominations are being accepted now through February 22nd.  Apply here: https://engage.marketo.com/Revvie-Awards.html
      • You will be able to test for both the MCA and MCE certifications on the 26th and 27th.  The exams will be offered at a discounted rate of $75 and $175, respectively. You can find exam prep resources on the Community:


      See you in February!

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          Tara Dacci

          Has anyone looked at the agenda for Summit? You can sort by day now and start building out your agenda even before you register if you need to show your boss what sessions you might be going to. One thing I noticed is that there is a session about how to migrate from your current ESP to Adobe Campaign. That has me a little bit worried. Are they just going to take Marketo technology and roll it into Adobe Campaign? Are we all going to have to migrate to that one day? Any one else concerned or am I just freaking out for no reason? There are still only 5 Marketo sessions and one is more like a sales pitch for non-Marketo users.

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              Sydney Mulligan

              Hey Tara! That is definitely not the plan. Marketo speakers haven't been selected yet (applications just closed last week) - so the agenda doesn't represent all of the Marketo sessions yet. There is absolutely no plan to sunset Marketo as a product and force everyone onto Campaign. Part of the reason for the acquisition of Marketo is Adobe's desire to expand with a platform suitable for B2B business!

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              Carrie Chandler

              Thanks for passing along the info, Caroline! Bummed I'll be missing out this year, but eager to hear how things go with Adobe at the helm.