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Cloned program and...

Question asked by Christine LeBlanc on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Dan Stevens.



Cloned a Web Content program. Went through and updated any instances of the program name to match the freshly cloned program's name.

Why in the Smart Campaign, Status Screen... do I see small text that reads: Smart List (1) and then beneath reads: Trigger - Person is Created...

Then, it reads next to that: Form Name is 'name-of-my-new-program.FORM-name-from-original-cloned-old-program'


What I have underlined is the issue. Could dirty up my program? How do I edit that... why is it pulling in the name of the form from the previous program from which I cloned from?

As mentioned, the actual form involved in this new program has the correct name. And when I test, everything seems to be firing as it should.


Not sure if anyone on here recognizes this issue? Seems to be piggybacking and bringing along an "element" from the previous program it was cloned from.
Thank you.