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    tweak css float...

    Christine LeBlanc

      When I adjust this in dev tools, the form positioning is correctly rendered.

      But how do I translate this to the Form Settings --> Edit Custom CSS within Marketo?

      Cannot seem to get the fix to apply from within Marketo.




      It's 2 radio buttons with labels stacked. They are center alignment, and I would like them left flush / left alignment. I need to apply that float.


      Thank you.

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          Dave Roberts

          You might just need to add an !important flag to the end of your CSS:


          .mktoForm.mktoLayoutAbove .mktoRadioList,

          .mktoForm.mktoLayoutAbove .mktoCheckboxList {

          float: left !important;

          clear: left !important;


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              Christine LeBlanc

              Hmm, that was not it as I do have !important on every customized rule; but I did manage figure it out by tweaking some other code.

              How about the distance between tick box and label?

              It is strange that I have this class successfully working on some forms, but others not:


              .mktoForm .mktoCheckboxList label { /*controls distance between tick box & accompanying label*/

                padding-left: 25px !important;

                line-height: 1.75em !important;



              Any other ideas how to target on forms where this is not applying?

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                  Dave Roberts

                  Hey Christine, could you add a link to a page with one of the forms where this issue is happening?

                  I can dig into the CSS a little and see if I can surface something for you. Sounds like it's some kind of conflict with other styles if it works on some forms but not others -- maybe a float or another rule that re-adjusts the spacing somewhere in the stylesheet.