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    Cadence and Wait Steps in Engagement Program

                     I'm still a little confused about wait steps and cadence for engagement programs. 
                     I'm trying to figure out a work around for my engagement program because I want an email to go out every two weeks, but I don't want people to have to wait up to 2 weeks to get started in the engagement program. For example, if I set it to fire Tuesdays at 10am, if someone gets added on Wednesday, they will have to wait 13 days to get anything.
                     I was thinking that I could set the candence to fire every weekday, then add a wait step in the program smart campaign to send out an email. 
                     The stream would look like this: 
                     Program 1
                     Program 2
                     Program 3
                     and each program will have an email send step then a 13 day wait step flow. What I am hoping will happen is that the cadence will know that the lead is still within the cast for more 13 days, and once it's done, will add to the next cast on the 14th day. 
                     Is this logic flawed? Do wait steps within the program smart campaigns get taken into account? 

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          Hi Kendal, 

          good question! I had the same issue and I resolved it as follows.

          Let's say you have three e-mails linking to whitepapers on your website. Leads can request all of them through a form fill out that will send the e-mail with the link to the whitepaper. You build 3 programs, one for each whitepaper. Within those programs you will have (at least) 2 smart campaigns, one adding leads to the engagement stream (using the "member of engagement program" filter) and one sending the email to the lead straight away (using the "fills out form" trigger). Because you will use the same e-mail with link to the whitepaper in both smart campaigns, the lead will receive the requested whitepaper straight away and he won't receive it again thourgh the engagement stream because he already received that e-mail. 

          Does this make any sense?