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Can you block fields from updating based on some kind of user record segment?

Question asked by Jeff Bedford on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Jeff Bedford

Hey All-


Here is what I think may be a unique problem. We have a B2B2C model. All of our B2B records were loaded in from SFDC and overall, the sync has been great. It's allowed us to do a ton of good work.


But, we also have a web services API that loads in our B2C records. We have done a bunch of work to isolate the fields being used by our B2B records and B2C records - to prevent overlap. Unfortunately, there remain a few fundamental fields like name and email address. What we are finding, is that at times, our web services API is loading in/updating B2C records that have an email address matching one of our B2B records - therefore overwriting some key fields in both Marketo and eventually SFDC. Obviously, this has big problem potential.


Our gut feeling, is that if we could find a (ideally dev-free) way to tell Marketo we don't want that API to update records that have a SFDC ID - this would squash the problem all together.


Anyone have any good ideas?