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    Filter question

    David Tobon

      Hi friends, i want to ask if someone knows about it; What is the name of the of item/filter in Marketo that tracks the last time we  interacted or had an activity with a lead/customer (assuming one exists)?

      I appreciate if someone can helps

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          Devraj Grewal



          This filter does not exist out-of-the-box. If you were interested in creating one, you can have a smart campaign set up similar to this:


          Smart list:

          Activity was logged: Call attempt


          change data value: Last Call Date: {{system.date}}




          Smart list:

          Email was delivered


          change data value: Last Email Date: {{system.date}}


          Just be weary that this campaign should not qualify every time you call or email a prospect, that would be way too much overload. So perhaps provide an additional filter in the smart campaign's smart list to only include target accounts, etc.