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    What is the best way to get Marketo to listen?

    Ani Yildirim

      We have recently gotten Marketo and working on the implementation. We got LAUNCH PACK STARTER with the hope of getting some help and guidance but unfortunately very disappointed with it.  Also, constantly having issues with login & portal access and not able to move forward.

      I've created so many cases and sent emails to everyone I know at Marketo, but feel like no one is really listening...

      Do you have any recommendations on how to get proper help and guidance from Marketo who has a Starter Pack?  What is the best way to get Marketo to listen and understand the reoccurring issues?


      I appreciate your recommendations.


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          Jim Thao

          What exactly is the issue that you're having? Please be descriptive. 


          You said you're having issues with login & portal access and not able to move forward.  <-- Please provide details on that.

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            Kevin Weisenberger

            Hi Ani,


            The marketo community (where you posted) is full of a wealth of information and awesome people who love to help users! It sounds like you are having a number of different issues and you have done two very helpful things, 1) submitted a case to Marketo 2) reached out to the community.


            For the community aspect I encourage you to search the forums for your specific issues. If you are unable to locate the topic you need help with then go ahead and post (like you just have). We will need more detail on the exact issues to try and provide guidance. If you are struggling with the support cases you submitted I recommend you email marketocares@marketo.com and include you account manager.

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              Paul Johnson



              I agree with Kevin, the community is a wonderful place to receive quick and knowledgable responses to your questions.


              That being said, one way I've been able to quickly work with support is within the portal, there's the ability to chat online with them. They've solved a handful of issues for me directly on chat.

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                Dan Stevens.

                Do you have a CSM (customer success manager)?  If so, that should be your primary line of communication.

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                  Amy Connor

                  Did you purchase at the end of December? When I implemented Marketo at my last company, we signed the contract on 12/31. I think a lot of companies do this, and there is a backlog for implementation. Our onboarding manager was pretty a bit at responding to us. That said, you should be able to do basic things like log in!


                  A few more things:

                  - Who are the people who are supposed to be managing your account? Onboarding Manager, Customer Success Manager, etc., are you working with them?

                  - Email services@marketo.com, they are in charge of professional services, to escalate your issues

                  - If your support tickets are not getting answered, you can email supportescalations@marketo.com to escalate your case

                  - You can try new customer Office Hours

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                    Kenneth Law

                    Hi Ani,


                    If you are encountering problems logging into the community or have issues with the support portal, our Customer Care team can assist you in identifying the issue and providing a solution.  Email customercare@marketo.com to create a case.  The Customer Care team is also your account's primary customer success group, so aside from the email you can also call them at 1-855-MKTO-HLP or also open up a Live Chat on their space - Customer Care


                    One of your contacts is also set up as an authorized support contact on the entitlement, so you can connect with the Marketo Support Team to raise issues and concern and we can work on resolving your issue or escalating to other groups or resources as needed.  Visit the Support Space Support to open a ticket or launch a live chat and you also have access to email and phone support as well.  All details of your available support options can be found here - About Support

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                      Mary Lang

                      I feel your pain - we also purchased in 4th quarter and quite honestly are very disappointed in the onboarding and implementation process. Help is sporadic and much of the replies involve sending a link for us to figure it out on our own. We switched from another platform and expected the same level of training and support as we received from the other platform- particularly on the design and IT end.


                      Finally got frustrated enough with the lack of help and solid "show me how" questions and hired Marketing Automation Experts out of Canada to help us with the issues we were having in trying to get this platform ready in time for when our subscription to the other platform runs out the end of this month. Best move - we have accomplished more with integrating Marketo to Dynamics and learned more and received more guidance in 1 week than we have in the 3 months from signing the contract and being assigned our "support" team. Plus they are very responsive, do the homework to find where the actual cause of our issues lay, and come back with solutions that work...and we don't have to share our time with anyone else or look at a schedule for an open time slot which then gets rescheduled anyway when we need help or questions answered. In all honesty- without the decision to hire outside consultants,we would not be ready to launch this platform due to questions about anomalies in our sync with our CRM system.


                      Good luck with your implementation. I know how frustrating this is for you - particularly in light of the cost and Marketo's reputation as the market leader. Hopefully Adobe, as the new owner, will make improvements in this process. 

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                        James Winters

                        Normally we see an uptick agency side in January as a direct result of this, ideally you (an authorized support user) would work with your account rep but sometimes through turnover on either side that becomes more difficult. Oddly enough, I've found some good technical help from marketo cares / @MarketoCares through twitter in addition to the great support here through the community.