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Creating a complex smart campaign for customer reviews in Marketo

Question asked by Iqbal Alvi on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Iqbal Alvi

Hi everyone,


I want to create a smart campaign for customer reviews. The idea for this campaign is that whenever we acquire a new customer, it will send a series of 3 emails to that customer when he/she has been using our product for two months. This will be the trigger (two months from subscribing to our product). We have Salesforce and the data about a customer being 2 months old can be taken from there, if not from Marketo directly.


So the smart campaign I want to setup will be triggered whenever a newly acquired customer completes its two months of using our product, and then shoot the first email of the three, asking them about to review our product on an online review platform. Here is the scenario:


If the customer doesn't click on anything within the email (there are links leading to the review platforms) or doesn't reply to the email, then they will receive the 2nd email, and similarly, the third email. This is where the email series will end.


It will have tokens for customer name and product they are using (we have multiple products).


I am not that good at using Marketo, but at least I know the basics, so it'd be great if someone can walk me through this.


Awaiting responses for solutions,

Iqbal Ahmed Alvi