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Reporting on MSI email activity in Dynamics

Question asked by Chelsea Stinnett on Jan 10, 2019

Hello! Our sales team is not able to pull activity of who they sent sales insight templates to in Dynamics. Dynamics doesn't log Marketo emails as tasks, so they have to create tasks separately for everyone the send the emails to. They are needing an easy way to find the people that they sent Marketo emails to. Has anyone found a way to do this in Dynamics? From my experience, the MSI plug-in is super clunky and all of that email activity needs to be pulled from Marketo, but that doesn't help them for their tasking. Side note: creating a tasks takes about 6 steps, so it is time consuming for them to create tasks for four people at a time, which is how many people they send templates to at once to avoid having an unsubscribe button in the email.