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    Bizible SFDC Question

    Brett Carpenter

      Hey y'all!


      For all you Bizible folks (sorry, I forgot which of you was the Bizible fan person ), we just implemented Bizible (YAY) and are starting to see some results.


      The problem is that Salesforce is not always recording the response attribution so it's not translating to Bizible and it's showing incorrect numbers. Bizible said we need to open a ticket with Salesforce but thought I'd ask here in the meantime. Anyone else have this problem?



      CC: Susan Peich

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          Caroline Brown

          Kimberly Galitz is the Bizible guru of the group.  She might be able to help.

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            Kimberly Galitz

            Hey Brett Carpenter -


            First off, yay for getting Bizible up and running! Great news!


            As for your question, are you saying that you have a Salesforce campaign with touchpoints enabled for responded only, and the TPs aren't being attributed to the members with a responded status? Just want to clarify on that, as I think that's what you are asking but not sure.


            If so, a few things you can check on is to look at each of the campaign members that have a responded status (I'd check them in SFDC and Marketo, as the Marketo activity log can be really helpful to see if something broke down someplace) and see if they have any touchpoints at all. This can help you understand if it's something that is broken in the campaign itself or if it is something that is broken on the SFDC side. This can also be helpful for Bizible Support if you open a ticket - they often need some more info from the Marketo side. Second, make sure that the responded status is what you wanted and expected it to be in the SFDC campaign (under advanced setup), if that checkbox isn't checked under the status you wanted then those folks definitely won't have TPs.


            If it's something completely different than this and I was off understanding your question feel free to hit me back!


            Hope this is at least somewhat helpful.

            Kimberly (that fan girl )

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              Brett Carpenter

              Wanted to reply to y'all and let you know what we found out...


              Turns out it was a Salesforce Lightning issue! We went in to SFDC Classic, turned off the status, saved the campaign, then turned it back on. After the save, voila.

              All our leads are showing up properly now!


              Thanks for your suggestions though!