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    Setting up SFDC campaign for MQL tracking

    Amber Hobson

      I'm wondering if anyone has set up a SFDC campaign (or series of campaigns) to track the contacts being sent over as MQLs. We're having issues with our reporting in Marketo going from MQL to SAL to SQL and are trying to determine if this will fix it. Currently, any contacts on an opp move to SQL status, regardless of if they went through MQL prior to this. I can't get an accurate number for of the MQLs sent, how many end up as SQL.


      My current idea for a fix is to add my MQL to a SFDC campaign that way I will see it in SFDC reporting at lease to get an idea of the number turning into SQLs. Has anyone tried this for setting up as a campaign?

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          Jason Keller

          At a past company, we set up a custom Salesforce object to track lead lifecycle in Salesforce. The object would create a snapshot record every time a lead had a lead status changed. I would recommend something like this before using the campaign object. It obviously depends on how your are using campaigns, but typically each Salesforce object is best served for one type of record tracking (totally just my opinion).


          Right now I am using timestamps for MQL/SAL and the measure SAL/SQL differently given there is a transition there to a different kind of Salesforce record (also because there can be multiple contacts on the same opportunity).


          I've seen a lot of different approaches to this problem and look forward to seeing other people's take as well.