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    Hourly Reporting

      Hi! I'm looking to see if there is a way I can pull a report of web page visits during a certain time frame. Our VP is looking for webpage visits from yesterday between 11am and 12pm ET- is there a way to do this?
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          Do you have Google Analytics on your landing pages? If so, you might be able to get better down-to-the-minute reporting there, as opposed to directly from Marketo.
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            We do and I did get some data from there, but I wasn't sure if we can get info on known leads from marketo.
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              Marketo struggles when it comes to time stamps. They can do days, but certain hours is a struggle. I agree with Trask, Analytics is your best chance.
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                Elliott Lowe
                Dominique, I just came across your discussion and you can get a list of leads with web page visits in an hour by using a Visited Web Page filter with an 'Date of Activity: in past xx hours' constraint and a Not Visited Web Page filter with a with an 'Date of Activity: in past xx hours'. 

                A few caveats:
                • The list will exclude anyone that visited the page during the hour, but also visited at a later time.  The further away in time you are from the evaluation period, the more inaccurate the report will be, so the ideal time to run it is immediately after the evaluation period.   You can get a more accurate report by replacing the Not Visited Web page filter with a Visited Web Page filter and using the 'Date of Activity: [date]' constraints, but that only works if you want to see everyone that visited the page that day starting at noon for example.
                • You'll need to run the smart list / report on the start of the hour since the Date of Activity constraint doesn't allow for fractional hours.
                • Unless your're good at mental math, create a formula in Excel that calculates the number of hours between two different dates/times.

                The 'in past before' operator that Marketo added to date field fiters, would be perfect for this, but alas they did not add it to any of the Lead History filters with Date of Activity constraints.  Please vote for Add 'in past before' operator to all filters with Date of Activity constraints