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    Send different versions of the same newsletter within one Program

    Courtney Graham

      Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, I haven't been able to find anything.


      We've recently started communicating to our customers directly via an e-Newsletter. The 1st was sent recently and while we had a v.low engagement score we had a relatively good open rate for a cold-email and want to look at sending different versions of the next newsletter to customers depending on how they engaged with us:

      • If Filled out form X, Send Email 1
      • If Clicked link X, Send Email 2
      • Etc... etc


      Can anyone recommend a set up?

      I'm thinking a default program with multiple emails that are sent using one smart campaign based on filtering in the flow step could work but I prefer the reporting from the email program. I'm also looking into engagement programs which I don't have much experience with, most of my experience is with Email programs for single sends and Default Programs to 'nest' Email Programs or send emails using Smart Campaigns.


      (Please note: our source data's quite restrictive, at the moment I'm receiving an extract from our IT team and importing this as a list because our systems can't 'talk' to each other and we're not using segmentation yet)