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Same form but only split completion count if certain field is filled.

Question asked by Callum Pirie on Jan 8, 2019
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Hi there,


I hope this makes sense. I have a form on our website which is below





is there a way to run the same form above but only count the completion as a contact request if the query box is populated at all?


Here are the hidden fields we have:




and for Account Source its B2B Partnership Enquiry so we know someone used the Enquiry form on the website however the other form we have with similar fields are just called 'Brochure Download'


If I was to have Account Source: B2B Partnership Enquiry and Person Source: B2B Partnership Enquiry and then below that Account Source II: Brochure Download and Person Source II: Brochure Download could I then jump in the if statement area and make this happen?