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Best way to set up Engagement Program Stream Transitions?

Question asked by Ronn Burner on Jan 7, 2019
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What is the best way to build out the transitions between streams in this case?


I am building an Engagement Program for 'New Free Trials' with Smart Campaigns for 3 Streams:


01 Welcome Series (All 3 emails they will receive unless they opt-out)

- Trigger "New Free Trials" to be Added to Engagement Program; Stream 01.

- Flow: Change Data Value - Attribute: Trial End Date (Custom Field) - New Value: {{}} + 30 - that I think I can utilize in Stream 3 but I'm just not sure how. That's why I'm here!


02 Premium       (3 emails they will receive beginning on day 10 unless they opt-out)

- Trigger 'Added to Engagement Program' using current program.

- Flow: Wait Step set up for 10 Days later - then Change Engagement Program Stream to Stream 02.


I don't even know if those are the best ways to handle those streams though I don't think there are any issues there.


03 Trial Ends      (2 emails: 1.1 "Only 3 Days Left in Trial" (Day 27) and 1.2 "Trial Ends Today" (Day 30)

    I want only those that are still on a trial to receive these - until they become a "Subscriber")


My mental block stems in the Trigger Transitions from Stream 02 to Stream 03. What Trigger can I use that would work? I want all Free Trials that have yet to become subscribers to be Added to Stream 3.

And a step further than that is in that Stream to receive an email on Day 27 and Day 30.


Not sure how to trigger. There are no forms. The leads status is "Free Trial" and there is no Data Value Change (update)

or Account Status changes that would be the trigger to add the to Stream 03. Unless they become a "Subscriber" which would be the

trigger that take them to Stream 3 but those are the leads I do not want to receive "Trial Period Ends" emails as they have converted.


A million ways to do things has my brain fried between A. Remove from Flow and B. Change Engagement Program Cadence or C. Request Campaign - I don't know the best way to build this out.


Please advise. Thanks in advance!