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Measure external hosted web page visits with url variable

Question asked by Franky Ruysschaert on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Loren Posendek



I came across the following problem today. We have a published article in a digital magazine (today) that links to a page on our website ( drupal web site )

The url for the link contains UTM parameters source-medium and campaign

In google analytics I see 5 visits so far. I can see the campaign id and the source/medium. Everything is ok there.


But, I have a campaign running measuring the effectiveness for the ad in Marketo.

One of the smart campaigns = "10 - Clicked Ad", in which I want to measure the "visits web page" is build with the following smart list



The campaign members overview doesn't show me contacts, so I am wondering what is the cause :


- Is my definition for the "Visits Web Page" correct ( I am doing Web page = Any , work with a query string parameter and a referrer since this is an external page )

- Can the cause be the fact that the 5 registered visits in google analytics are from unknown people ( no marketo cookie )