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Opt-Out = Unsubscribed

Question asked by James Zolinski on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by Vineela Maram

For lead that uncheck the opt-in box, meaning they are opting-out to receive emails from us, we want their unsubscribe = true. Opposite side, if a lead comes back and re-opts-in, we want their unsubscribe = false.

I've tried many scenarios to get this to work with no success. In our instance, we have a folder for Subscription Management, and then campaigns for, with double opt-in and without double opt-in.


Am I able to set this process up within one of the current campaigns? Or do I need to create separate campaigns for this process to correctly opt-in/subscribed, opt-out/unsubscribed leads?


Here is a screen shot of the current SL and Flow from my campaign-Process without Double Opt-in