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    Opt-Out = Unsubscribed

    James Zolinski

      For lead that uncheck the opt-in box, meaning they are opting-out to receive emails from us, we want their unsubscribe = true. Opposite side, if a lead comes back and re-opts-in, we want their unsubscribe = false.

      I've tried many scenarios to get this to work with no success. In our instance, we have a folder for Subscription Management, and then campaigns for, with double opt-in and without double opt-in.


      Am I able to set this process up within one of the current campaigns? Or do I need to create separate campaigns for this process to correctly opt-in/subscribed, opt-out/unsubscribed leads?


      Here is a screen shot of the current SL and Flow from my campaign-Process without Double Opt-in



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          Josh Hill

          Your workflow should look more like what you described, not what you created.


          • if Explicit Opt In becomes TRUE, then If Unsubscribe=T, make Unsubscribe=F.
            • your field should be a toggle field that passes the value to another field like Opted In, that way you avoid issues where it goes on/off incorrectly.
            • just because Explicit Opt In=F, are you sure that means they should be unsubscribed? Is that what your legal counsel advised?
          • Marketing Suspended is an internal field, so I'd caution against just setting it to FALSE, because some other program may want to keep it TRUE


          I've got more on my site, but this is complex and you should draw it out more.