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    Issue with redirects from one instance to another instance

    Birbal Negi



      We're switching Marketo instance wherein landing pages domains will also change. Our current domains is abc.branddomain.com and we will be switching to xyz.branddomain.com.


      To complete the switch for landing pages here are the steps we followed and these are validated by Marketo support as well.


      1. Set up domain alias for abc.branddomain.com in the new Marketo instance, as outlined in the second half of the below document


      2. Set up redirect rules for the old landing page URLs to the new landing pages


      3. Complete the CNAME change to point abc.branddomain.com -> newinstance.mktoweb.com and delete the existing DNS entry for abc.branddomain.com from old instance


      Even after completing all these steps the URLs from old instance are still opening with same URL and not redirecting to the new URLs. Is there something that we might be missing here?




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          Jim Thao

          I feel you've got a long road ahead of you.  Here are my thoughts.


          If you are no longer using abc.branddomain.com as a CNAME on the old instance, those links basically die out. 


          EG. http://abc.branddomain.com/testing.html <--- no longer exists and can't be redirected to anywhere


          Because you have 2 Marketo instances now, you won't actually be able to use this method.  In order for instance 1 to be able to redirect to instance 2, you will have to build out individual redirect rules for each page.  Each instance also needs to have their own CNAME intact still in order for the redirect to work. 


          Here are some high level options from my perspective:

          1. Re-create all your landing pages from your old instance into your new instance with the same URL (minus domain alias/cname).  This should resolve accordingly if you have the domain alias setup correctly in the new instance. 

          2. Revert everything back.  Instead, create a domain alias on your old instance with your new domain.  Then, when you're done migrating all of your pages to the new instance, you can point your new domain and the old one both to your new instance.  For now, if you're creating stuff in your new instance, you'll have to use a different CNAME or live with the mkto URLS.

          3. Create individual redirects for each landing page/URL


          I'm open to hear about any other ideas, perhaps if even something can be done on the DNS side of things.

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Since you haven't provided your real domains, example pages, or screenshots, we can't review your work.


            The method you've described, as long as you're not trying to redirect assets other than HTML pages (i.e. PDFs), is workable.  If a URL appears as both a Redirect Rule "Original URL" and as a live LP URL on the same instance, the redirect takes priority (which is what you want).


            So you have to give us more concrete examples of what you've tried.