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Form field conditional based on a value | Show/hide field based on another field's value

Question asked by Adele Grono on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Sanford Whiteman

Hi there


We have some events, attendees have two choices of courses / events.


Currently the form is displaying as per option 1. although we would like the form to display like option 2.


There are two fields under the subheading Please select your second choice, we would like the attendee to be shown values different values that are conditional based on their first choice, please see sub-heading Attendees can select up to two events, (fields are highlighted in red and green).


For example:

If Face painting is an attendees's first choice, the second choice must be Colouring in OR Skipping the attendee must only show venues and dates for Colouring in or Skipping.


In addition to show/hide a field based on another field's value, each course has variations of attendees allowed.


For example:

- Face painting, has a maximum of 20 people (per location)

- Colouring in, has a maximum of 40 people (per location)

- Skipping has a maximum of 50 people (per location)


We have also read


Understand we may need to use java script, below is a link to HTML code in Code Pen. Can we have show/hide functionality for an attendee's second choice and use flow boost counter code Sanford Whiteman?


Thanks so much


Code pen link

Form - assistance with form validation

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