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    Resources to start Marketo Implementation

    Natascia Almeida



      we are starting a Marketo implementation project at a B2B medium sized company and I would like to understand better which resources should be involved.


      From the point of view of development I am assuming 1 front end developer and someone who can develop interfaces. Do we need a solution architect? Which kind of resources from your experience could be necessary to start? We still haven´t done the discovery workshop so I have no detailed requirements.                                       


      Thanks a lot!

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          Nick Hajdin

          Are you planning to manage everything in-house or will you have support from Marketo Professional Services or an Agency? What kind of CRM are you syncing Marketo to? If you are syncing to SFDC or Dynamics, you will want to loop in the CRM Admin. A custom CRM sync will require more advanced development support.


          Do you have Marketo experts in-house, specifically with experience in implementations? A solutions architect is advised but depends on the resources you have available.


          From a business POV, make sure you are involving the key Marketing and Sales stakeholders. This will help you plan out and design elements such as lead lifecycle model and scoring. There are many threads dedicated to different steps along the implementation process. See Marketo Whisperer: Implementation Tips

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              Natascia Almeida

              Hi Nick,


              thanks for your reply.


              Actually I work for an agency that is about to start it´s first project in Marketo and we were discussing the resources we need and which kind of trainings are necessary to start. The client has nobody inhouse that has Marketo skills and the CRM is custom.


              We were counting to have a front-end developer, a developer for the interfaces, a expert marketo user and a solution architect. Would you think it is necessary to add different skills?



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                  Nick Hajdin

                  This should likely be enough resources from an agency POV. Depending on the CRM, the custom integration could get tricky, but your dev team should be able to figure it out. Make sure someone stays on top of project management and roadmap, to keep you and the client on pace.


                  On the client side, make sure to involve sales and marketing leaders for business discovery and IT/web dev when it comes time to implement the technical configuration.

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