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    Account Owner vs. Lead Owner?

      Hello, everyone!

      What is the difference between these two fields?

      Thank you!
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          Josh Hill
          These are SFDC fields that determine who "owns" the record in SFDC. In SFDC these determine visibility and edit rules.

          Account Owner=person who owns account, must be a Person.

          Lead Owner/Contact Owner = User or Queue owner who owns the record. In Marketo's world, the Contact Owner is the same as the Lead Owner.

          you can use these fields to assign records via Marketo or to pull the Lead Owner name for use in emails, etc.
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            Thanks for your response, Josh. I'm still not quite following. Sounds like the Sales Rep would be the "Account Owner," correct? Then who would be the lead owner? The person who manages the lead in Marketo? Or would it be vice versa?
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              Hey Keller,

              To piggy back Josh, a person will own the Account. A person or a queue can own the Lead/Contact. In the case of the Contact, it is possible (and more typical) for the Account Owner to be the Contact Owner. One situation where this might not be the case is if you have a national partner. One person will own the Account, then you may have different Contact Owners owning the Contacts based on different regions. 

              A Lead Owner is someone who owns the record when it is a Lead in the system. Once converted to a Contact, the same person can remain as the Lead Owner, or in the case of Inside Sales Teams working with outside reps, they will change Ownership of the Lead to the Account Owner, who then becomes the Contact Owner as well.

              That make sense? Just depends on how your Sales team is structured and if you use queues or not.
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                what about this use case?

                I am trying to send emails from the designated lead owner, and some of these record in the email send may be a lead or contact in salesfocre, but Marketo only shows lead owners. Not "contact owners."


                I set up tokens to send from "lead owner". and although a lead is converted and is really a contact - it shows me that the lead owner is an inactive person at the company. Because lead has already been converted, I cant update the lead owner, but the contact owner is not the same as the lead owner on the record.


                So the question. when I send using tokens from lead owner - who will it come from? the lead owner Marketo is or the record owner on the converted lead from salesforce?