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    Web Personalisation : where to find RTP tag for deployment?

    Swati Toshniwal

      I am trying to set up Webpersonalisation. However i do not see the RTP settings or account settings as outlined in below link. Where do i find the RTP code? Please help

      I have bought Web Personalisation module and do see that

      Deploy the RTP JavaScript - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation

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          Karan Hari

          Hi Swati Toshniwal,


          The steps given in the URL is exactly how you find the web personalization tag. For your reference please find below screen shots from our instance. Please follow the below steps.


          • Click on the web personalization tile as highlighted below.

          • Then click on your account name (as highlighted on the top right) and in the drop down, click on account settings (highlighted below).

          • In the next screen, please click on "Domain" - as highlighted on the left in the below screen shot, Make sure that the tag Toggle is set to "ON" And then click on Generate tag - Highlighted on the right side of the below screen shot.

          • There it is - You will have your Web Personalization Tag!


          Copy the RTP JavaScript tag and paste it as the first script in the header of your pages – between the <head> </head> tags.Make sure the tag appears on all pages including landing pages and sub-domains. Check this by right-clicking on your website’s page. Go to View Page Source in a web browser. Search: ‘RTP’.Also as mentioned in the above step, make sure and Confirm that the Tag toggle is set to ON. You should start seeing data flow into the Organization's tab.


          For more detailed implementation instructions for RTP\Web Personalization Javascript (as given in the below screen shot), Please visit this URL - RTP Tag Implementation - Marketo Docs - Product Documentation




          Hope this helps. After following these steps, in case you are facing any specific issues, kindly share details and screenshots of the area where you are facing problem. We can proceed accordingly.


          Best Always,

          Karan Hari