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Google Analytics to Marketo Integration

Question asked by Alexander Lamb on Dec 21, 2018

Background: I wanted a solution for businesses to use because technical debt is a real problem for marketing technology and data analytics. Went on Google for { +marketo +google analytics } and got nothing. Marketo community as nothing beneficial. Went back on Google for { +marketo +google } found Keith Shaw who took MIT codelabs script and engineered it for Google Tag Manager (GTM). I took it and adapted it so you can produce a GUID from Google Analytics cookie for a 1:1 relationship linking the environment for Marketo form fills. This will give you complete information of anonymous advertising data Google Analytics offers for your Marketo form-fill leads.


Use Case:

You need to attribute form-fill search, display, video metrics and dimensions from a user or session level with 1:1 relationship to marketo database user.


Example: came from Google Ads search campaign,  on a mobile device, with keyword {A} and that cost per acquisition was {$} from a cost per click of {Y}.



Enterprise level business and small business benefit greatly from this and its at zero cost to them.



Google Analytics to Marketo Integration - Growth Services


I reference Keith's GitHub in the complete guide!


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