Karan Hari

New changes to the UI of Marketo Classic and Marketo Sky

Discussion created by Karan Hari Champion on Dec 21, 2018

Hi Marketo Community,


Noted a few changes this evening when I logged into Marketo. Primarily with the UI. So just an update on the same.


  • The option to "Open in Sky" has been updated when you click on the Marketo Menu Button. This is helpful. As and when this option is updated on the other tabs, it would be an indicator that sky is available for the other menu items too!

  • Similarly the option to switch back to Marketo Classic has also been added in Marketo Sky. Additionally "Navigation Shortcuts" & 'Marketo Production Status" have been added on the the main dashboard in Marketo Sky. So one can now directly open up Lead Database or ABM - In Classic for now, directly when they are working in Marketo Sky. The 'Marketo Production Status" dashboard also displays the functionality status of various services and if there is any scheduled maintenance that is coming up.


Best Always,

Karan Hari