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Salesforce Sync Warning: Change in Salesforce Field Type

Question asked by 98aee08a7daf064541a721895fab6068d58fe015 on Dec 27, 2018



I have this problem:


Salesforce Sync Warning

Why: The following Salesforce custom fields may not be synced because their types have changed:


Salesforce                               FieldMarketo                   FieldChange

Behavioral Score(Lead)          Behavioral Score (L)        integer->float

Demographic Score(Lead)      Demographic Score(L)    integer->float


here is my chain of actions: I created custom fields "Behavioral Score" and "Demographic Score" in SF, then they appeared in Marketo, but they were not in the menu of "Sales Insite", then in marketo I changed their type (I do not remember from what type) to "Score" and they appeared in the menu of "Sales Insite", but later Marketo gave an error message, which started this topic.

What am I doing wrong?