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    Measuring database health?

    Sid Patil

      Hello Marketo community,


      My Marketo database is 1 million records strong but I are struggling to understand what's happening with our database contacts on a weekly cadence. Could you guys share some of the best practices you follow in your companies to track and measure database health? What data viz you connect for consistent reporting and so on? Appreciate any ideas


      It would also be great if someone could share the link to this Marketo video event: Tales from the Activity Log. How to Measure and Optimize Database Health

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          Ronen Wasserman

          Hi Sid,

          A general question.

          When you go to your "Lead Database" in Marketo what is the percent of your marketable leads?

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            Josh Hill

            Data Quality, Deduping, and Appending Systems - Marketing Rockstar Guides


            lots of ideas there and at openprise.com, ringlead, etc. and here in the forums.

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              Akshay Pant
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                Christina Zuniga

                I look at a number of things to determine how my database is doing. Usually I record the data quarterly but check it more often than that to keep an eye on things, especially after major events or lead generating activities.


                1. Personas
                I track the rate of my total DB and marketable DB on how many have a specific persona and how many are missing a persona so I can try to find other ways to trigger that information/make a campaign to gather the data I need to determine what persona people are.


                2. Demographic/Firmographic

                I record industry, job level / function, location, sales territory, etc. so I can see over time how my database is growing and changing. It's helpful to see if one territory has more prospects than another or maybe one has a large number that are not marketable.


                3. Data Completeness

                I want to know how much standard information I'm missing - people with no phone number, country, job title, etc. so that I can determine if the leads we're pulling in over time are good quality with a lot of information, or if the campaigns I'm running are able to grab this data through things like progressive profiling.

                I also have another section that looks at some basic data pieces - how many known duplicates do I have? How many unsubscribed? Bounced? Inactivity for the last 90 days?

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                    Helen Abramova

                    We have a quite similar approach. If it is hard to define personas, you can use target accounts + target job titles (or job level + department/role). Also, we measure engagement and activity level within the target accounts and titles - to ensure we are interacting with the right audience. Plus every metric is looked upon dynamically, how it is changed over the time.

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                        Sid Patil

                        Hello Helen,


                        Thanks for your ideas. Have few questions:

                        • How do you measure engagement and activity level? Could you give me an example?
                        • To analyze how every metric is changing over time --> Do you have a data warehouse to help you achieve this? If not, how would you do this using just Marketo and a viz tool?